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Tom Nellist

About Tom Nellist

Tom Nellist left school in 1959 and joined the private agricultural merchanting business of Griffiths & Hartland Ltd, based in Hereford. There I trained under two highly respected masters of the trade and in 1976 with the loyal support of many local farming families thought it time to make my own way in the profession.

Agriculture has obviously changed much since 1959, and not necessarily for the better, but my core interests remain the same: cereal, herbage, pulse, oilseed and amenity seeds, fertilisers and grain trading with an emphasis on milling oats which Herefordshire soil grows very well. Growing contracts, with Morning Foods Ltd, have always been available each Autumn.

Today, I support three very different markets through three separate companies: Tom Nellist – Farmwell, Farm-Fos Ltd and Uncle Tom's®.